Root Canals

When a tooth is damaged or infected, a dentist or specialist will do everything in their power to try and save the tooth. Removing a tooth is a last ditch effort in the dental world. When a tooth is severely damaged or infected, a root canal might be recommended in order to save it.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a common endodontic procedure that is done to help save a tooth from extraction. The procedure removes the damaged or infected pulp in order to save the tooth and keep it from having to be removed.

How is a Root Canal Performed?

A root canal may involve multiple dental visits. The following steps are performed by a dentist or endodontist in order to save the tooth:

The tooth is prepared – The tooth in question will be numbed and a thin sheet of latex rubber is placed over the tooth to keep it dry. An opening is then made through the crown of the tooth into the pulp chamber.

The pulp is removed – The pulp of the tooth is removed from the pulp chamber and root canal. The root canal is then cleaned and shaped so it can be filled.

The root canal is filled – The root canal is typically filled with a rubber-like material to seal it.

A temporary filling is placed – In order to protect and prevent contamination of the newly cleaned out root canal, a temporary filling is placed on the tooth. If the infection has spread beyond just the root, antibiotics might be prescribed.

A permanent crown or filling is applied – After the heeling process has been completed you will return to your dentist to have the temporary filling removed and a permanent crown or filling put on the tooth to protect it.

Are You in Need of a Root Canal in Maitland?

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