Sports & Night Guards

When it comes to protecting your teeth from grinding or sports, West Maitland Dentistry has you covered.

Sports & Night Guards in Maitland, FL

Sports Guards

When it comes to protecting your teeth from traumatic injuries while playing sports, a sports guard is the best option. Both professional and amateur athletes use mouth guards to protect their mouth.

Why go with a custom sports mouth guard instead of an over the counter one?

Sports guards that are made in a dentist’s office are the highest quality and provide the best fit and retain the mold better than typical boil-and-bite mouthguards that are purchased at sporting goods stores.  There are a wide range of colors, sizes, and fits when it comes to mouthguards for sports. The sports guards can usually be customized with logos and stickers to make each guard specific and unique for each athlete.

If you have been looking for the right sports guard for you or your child, contact West Maitland Dentistry today!

Night Guards (Occlusal Guards)

Millions of Americans suffer from grinding their teeth at night every year. Grinding and clenching your teeth are extremely damaging and something that you might not even be realizing that you are doing. An occlusal guard is a removable device that is usually made out of acrylic.  You wear it on your teeth usually just during sleep. The purpose of getting an occlusal guard is to prevent any further damage to your teeth or jaw joint.

Why Custom Occlusal Guard Instead of an Over the Counter?

Over the counter night guards can be inexpensive but sometimes you get what you pay for.  Over the counter night guards are a one size fits all product and can be bulky and uncomfortable.  Also, since they aren’t customized to your bite they can cause your bite to shift, leading to more discomfort in your teeth and jaws, and sometimes irreversible damage.

If you are someone that wakes up in pain from a sleepless night, contact us today!

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