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September 16, 2021 Uncategorized

You’re eating lunch and all of a sudden you feel something hard only to spit out your crown.  This is unfortunately a common scenario we see.  Most crowns at some point are redone.  Knowing what to do and not to do with a lost crown can help you not only save time and money but possibly your tooth.

Why do crowns come off?

There are many different reasons why crowns come off.  One is chewing something sticky that lifts the crown off.  Another cause is the dissolving of the cement over time which loosens the crown.  Finally the most common reason is a cavity under the crown.  The cavity softens the tooth the crown is bonded on to leading to nothing for the crown to hold on to.

Will I be in pain?

It depends.  If the tooth is root canal treated there should be minimal pain.  However, if the tooth has not had a root canal most likely there will be some sensitivity until the exposed tooth structure is covered. Avoid foods with extreme temperatures, sugary and acidic foods to minimize the sensitivity.

Can my crown be reused?

Sometimes yes.  In cases where the cement has worn thin often times the same crown can be placed back onto the tooth.  When the reason is because of a cavity the cavity has to be removed and the shape of the tooth changes.  This leads to the crown being unable to fit back onto the tooth snuggly and a new crown has to be made.

What if I don’t get the crown put back on?

The layer of the tooth that is exposed is called the dentin.  This is a soft layer and is prone to cavities,so there is a risk one might start forming. Also the lost crown acts as a space holder. When it is missing there is nothing keeping the adjacent teeth from tipping into the now open space.  This may make it difficult to insert the crown again or to create a new one.  Finally without a crown there it can become an area for food to trap.  Often times these teeth get cavities and this which untreated leads to eventually the tooth having to be removed.

Should I place the crown back on?

No. Placing your crown back on without the proper adhesive can lead to the crown dislodging again.  This can become a choking hazard and can be a risk for swallowing or worse aspiration.

So what should I do?

Call you dentist and make an appointment.  Although most of the time this is not considered an emergency it is important to get the crown back on as soon as possible.  Make sure you keep the crown in a clean, safe place and don’t forget to bring it with you to your appointment so that you dentist can determine whether it can be used again or not.


August 20, 2021 Uncategorized

Last year with quarantine in full effect, many people turned to the social media platform TikTok for entertainment.  With entertainment also came users coming up with “hacks” as a way to trend on the platform.  While some of the hacks give insight, such as how to clean your stove, when it comes to your oral health, a lot of TikTok Dental Hacks are not only misleading but can be extremely damaging to your mouth.  Here are some top trends to avoid.

Cleaning Your Own Teeth

You will find over the counter tools aimed at plaque removal.  However scraping plaque off teeth incorrectly can lead to enamel removal, damage to gums and possibility of injuring other parts of the mouth.  Long term complications can occur such as sensitivity or infections with the use of unsterile instruments.

Filing Your Teeth

A user posted a video of herself filing down her teeth with a nail file to make them straight and the video went viral.  Not only does this remove the healthy enamel that protects our teeth but it can lead to chronic sensitivity and an increase in the chances of getting cavities when you introduce bacteria into the mouth.  Also when you shorten your teeth you alter your bite.  When your bite is uneven this is called malocclusion.  Malocclusion causes wearing down and grinding of your molars and jaw pain in most cases.

Bleaching with Hydrogen Peroxide

The trend has followers using undiluted hydrogen peroxide to whiten their teeth.  What they fail to realize is that at high concentrations hydrogen peroxide is extremely corrosive.  This can not only strip your enamel but lead to burning of the gums and loss of them. Dental products containing hydrogen peroxide or professional whitening use a controlled amount of the substance to avoid such complications.

DIY Dentures

Users show moldable plastic used to replace missing teeth.  This is not only unhygienic but since it is not custom gaps can lead to food, plaque and bacteria being caught underneath the plastic.  Since the dentures cannot have a reliable fit it becomes a choking hazard risk as well.  Also since a professional isn’t checking your bite it will most likely be uneven.  This uneven bite leads to jaw pain, muscle pain and TMJ issues.

Hair Flossing

A TikTok Dental Hacks trend that is also harmful is using a piece of hair to floss in between your teeth.  This can lead to damage to the gums and introduce bacteria to the mouth.  It is important to use proper, ADA approved tools when it comes to your oral health.


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