Check Out How We’re Celebrating Our 2nd Anniversary

October 15, 2020

I can’t believe it’s already our 2nd anniversary of opening my dental practice.  It has definitely
gone by in a whirlwind! Check out some things that have happened in the last two years.

When I started the practice I had just had our second daughter and now she’s turned into a
very opinionated toddler, while my older daughter went from preschool to being in
Kindergarten! Since then we’ve also survived  pseudo-hurricanes and a pandemic!

Our strive to make dentistry affordable has grown by opting to go in network with several
insurance providers to help lower the out of pocket costs for our patients.

In these past two years we’ve committed to helping and being present in our community. Some ways we
achieved this is with events such as hosting our Halloween Candy Buy Back or participating in
health fairs. Some of my favorite community events over the last two years were speaking
engagements. Whether it was at elementary, middle and high schools, with the Maitland
Chamber of Commerce or for local businesses, it’s been a pleasure to share my knowledge in
oral health with Maitland and the surrounding communities.

Every year it seems like our technology has grown with us as well. This year we decided to say
goodbye to the goop when we purchased a scanner for the mouth. Our new scanner allows us
to scan our patients mouths and make virtual, 3D models. We can use these models to track
any wear or gum loss. It also gives us the opportunity now to send our cases to laboratories in
a matter of minutes rather than being traditionally mailed. We can even show you simulations of
what your teeth would look like after corrected with Invisalign®!

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary of opening and as a token of my appreciation to all of our loyal and wonderful
patients, we are offering a free whitening kit when you refer a friend, family member or
coworker to the practice for the next month.

It’s really an honor to be part of the Maitland and surrounding areas and I look forward to
serving this community for many years to come!


Free Take-Home Whitening Kit

After a new patient exam and x-rays are completed.
Offer Ends 2/28/2021.

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